Positive Edge Productions
With a service that will keep you coming back to us, we can take care of your requirements in style...

Positive Edge Productions Private Limited, is a design studio located in Chennai, India. Inside is a team of skilled designers and techies (hardheaded programmers actually), with a positive attitude for delivering solutions with an edge, and who have worked their keyboards off to build a track record of sustained success and quality.

We offer a range of solutions for various media such as print design, web design & development, interactive CD-ROMs, corporate films, product demos etc.

Long-term strategic relationships with clients is our primary business focus and the success of this outlook is evident in the continuous stream of work that we execute for our regular clients who are satisfied with our constant emphasis on professionalism in service.

Our service concept leverages on extremely cost-competitive design and development with top-of-the-line technology solutions and strict adherence to customer deadlines. Positive Edge has an unmatched record of completing almost all our projects on preset schedules and budgets.

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